The tradition followed by the Salvetta Family, even the brand recovery designed in the thirties by the founder Dario Salvetta, is that of the plowed land “like it used to be", in which the hand of man, shrewd and loving, cultivated the vines awaiting the ripening of the grapes.

One in which you waited patiently that the wine, resting on its skins, was enriched by perfumes and aromas.

The desire to recover these ancient traditions and flavors is accompanied by the consciousness of the occurred evolution in the last years thanks to studies in the field and an increasingly shared attention to nature: this are the reasons why the Salvetta Farm is committed to the rules governing organic farming and combines its expertise to the skills of experienced oenologists winemakers who attend the aging-process in the cellar.

Therefore, after three years of cultivation employing the organic method, at the end of 2012 the Salvetta Family obtained the certification of organic growing by the ICEA Certification - Institute for Ethical and Environmental Certification - and so, starting form 2013, the natural wine Nosiola is organic-certified.

This is how the Salvetta Family produces its organic white wine Nosiola: by revisiting a perhaps shelved, but never forgotten, tradition. 

The soul of the countryside, the organic viticulture.
Great respect for nature and its products