Our extra virgin olive oil GARDA DOP TRENTINO

The extra virgin olive oil Garda DOP Trentino Salvetta, produced by our Azienda Agricola on the slopes of the olive grove led directly to Riva del Garda (Trento) in the site of common interest of Monte Brione, is an oil in purity obtained from the centenarian olive trees belonging to the renowned Casaliva cultivar.

The olives are harvested at the beginning of October, early in the ripening season, to capture the green colour and fresh flavours and the olives are immediately brought in the same day and pressed in the mill, to guarantee maximum quality, obtaining a lower oil yield but more concentrated aromas and flavours in relation to the early harvest.

The oil obtained is extraordinarily thick and reflects the importance and refinement of the natural cultivation and the location of the centenary olive grove.

The fruits give a final extra virgin olive oil of superior quality, emerald bright green with yellow reflections, fresh and refined taste, so the notes on the palate are intense and sweet, mainly spicy and with a bitter almond finish and a long persistence that totally envelops the taste buds.

Taste characteristics of 'Garda dop Trentino' Salvetta oil

The extra virgin olive oil Garda DOP Trentino Salvetta, obtained from the variety of olive cultivar Casaliva, cultivated in the centuries-old olive grove owned by our Azienda Agricola on Monte Brione in Riva del Garda (Trento), is an oil of the highest quality, characterized by an intense and fruity aroma, with notes of fresh grass, tomato and typical almond aftertaste. The flavour is balanced and harmonious, with a slight hint of bitter and spicy, due to the early pressing that gives the oil a unique character and freshness, which is distinguished by its particular persistent aroma and intense green colour, with yellow and golden reflections. The extra virgin olive oil Garda DOP Trentino Salvetta is suitable (appropriate) to accompany fish dishes, white meat, vegetables and is particularly suitable for use as a condiment for salads.

History of Garda Trentino olive oil

The history of Garda Trentino oil in Riva del Garda (Trento) is ancient and linked to the cultivation of olive trees in the area. The ancient Romans already cultivated olive trees along the shores of Lake Garda and the evidence of this culture can still be found in the archaeological areas of the area. Olive cultivation has continued over the centuries, becoming one of the most important and prestigious economic activities in the area. In the nineteenth century began the selection of the ancient variety Casaliva, particularly suitable for the territory of Monte Brione and during the twentieth century the oil of Garda Trentino has obtained national and international recognition for its quality and, finally, in 2010, the Protected Designation of Origin (D.O.P.) was recognized, and therefore also that of our centenary olive grove on Mount Brione.

Territory of the nature reserve of Mount Brione on Riva del Garda (Trentino)

The variety Casaliva is a cultivar particularly resistant to adverse climatic conditions and for this reason is particularly suitable for cultivation in mountain areas, such as the natural reserve of Mount Brione, which is an area of Community interest, subject to the obligation of protection and on top of which is the olive grove and the centenary forest Salvetta, being located in Trentino, north of Lake Garda, being in an area of primary ecological and cultural importance, with a high biodiversity (500 species are indicated) and a great historical and cultural importance and for this reason the site is protected by European legislation. The reason for so much richness of species lies in the position occupied by Mount Brione, at the northern limit of the Garda area, where the large lake basin greatly influences the climate that can therefore be defined as sub-Mediterranean that wedges inside. Mount Brione is a limestone-marl hill of glacial origin with a shape that is compared to an enormous orange clove resting on a plane and rises about 310 meters with a maximum height of 376 meters above sea level. Mount Brione is characterized by a Mediterranean vegetation with a great diversity of tree, shrub and herbaceous species. The soil is rich in minerals and offers an ideal environment for the cultivation of olive trees and other plants typical of the Mediterranean area as a result of particularly favourable climatic conditions, with mild winters and warm but ventilated summers (wind Pelèr from the north to the morning and wind Ora del Garda from the south in the afternoon).