The Salvetta brothers were the first to recognize the particular organoleptic characteristics of this product, and decided in 1974 to bottle with a cork stopper.
Today the organically produced Nosiola wine is a particularly structured and full-bodied wine.

In order to obtain these characteristics, the grapes undergo a soft pressing process, leaving the skins with the must to permit the extraction of the primary aromas of the variety. The separation of the must occurs naturally. Then the Nosiola rests patiently in seasoned acacia barrels until the end of its fermentation, laying on the yeasts until May-June of the following year. The aging process finally terminates one and a half years after fermentation in ancient Rhenish bottles. 

The Salvetta Nosiola ought to be consumed at a temperature of about 15 degrees: it is excellent with starters and dishes with fresh water fish. However, thanks to its defined structure, it is recommended also for combinations with dishes with stronger flavours. 

The vintages currently on the market are those from 2017 to 2020, while the 2019 is exceptional 'unfiltered', while the 2021 vintage will be on the market around September 2023.


The organic Nosiola Nosiola
A structured and full-bodied wine of patient and natural evolution