The Vineyard

The Nosiola is the only autochthonous white grape variety of Trentino. It is characterized by a late ripening process (as occurs with the red grapes) and with whose grapes two local wines are produced: the Nosiola from the freshly picked grapes and the Vino Santo from the naturally dried ones. 

The word “Nosiola” signifies “hazelnut” in the local dialect, and is said to be derived from the colour of its vine-branches, and perhaps even more, from the hazelnut colour of the grapes during their ripening process towards the end of September. Indeed the grapes with a compact skin are characterized by a yellow colour, which becomes nutty with hints of green in the phase of maximum maturity..

The Nosiola variety has been present in Trentino for several centuries and  reliable evidence of its presence in the Rauten vineyard is certified from the early 19th century (here the pure Vino Santo has been produced since 1825). Moreover, this variety had been cultivated for most of the 20th century. 

The Salvetta family, after having reintroduced the ancient methods, follows the tradition of organically raising the Nosiola in these same lands, harvesting the grapes, after a careful selection, in special baskets to maintain their integrity. 

The Vineyard. A product of the Earth